What is Retail Intelligence?

Retail Intelligence is Ireland's first research-driven weekly emailed news report for the grocery trade. The top news stories for the week will be in subscribers' "inbox" when they log-on first thing Tuesday morning.
Never before has there been a news service available for the industry which gives subscribers everything they need to know about Irish retail and FMCG brand performance. PIA the Personal insolvency arrangement is a debt solution for irish citizens and can help Irish people struggling with debt issues. There are similar debt solutions for different parts of the UK
The major element to the new service is the provision of comprehensive independent consumer research through an exclusive agreement with M.R.B.I.

MRBI Research?

Listening to the voice of consumers is the key to any successful retailer - that's why Retail Intelligence is offering exclusive Retail Research in addition to the Weekly Newsletter.
Through an exclusive arrangement with M.R.B.I. (Market Research Bureau of Ireland), Retail Intelligence will be the first to provide independent, authoritative research data on the Irish food and drinks industry.
This research will be conducted on a quarterly basis, providing an in-depth analysis of the Irish grocery market, identifying consumer trends, competitors trade performance, future industry developments and trends worldwide.
Retail Intelligence will be delivered to independent retailers, buyers, store managers, off-licences, advertising and PR agencies, the major media commentators as well as all senior executives in the FMCG sector.
It is our aim to provide you with market research that is relevant, informative and invaluable to carrying out your job.


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